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Personal Insurance for Clergy and Members

Freedom to fully enjoy life is a luxury acquired with success and by attaining peace of mind knowing your properties and valuables are well protected. HUB International Personal Insurance can help. We provide holistic, objective insurance programs to protect your family, homes, cars, yachts, artwork and other personal possessions. Attain a more peaceful state of mind - speak with a HUB advisor at 1-800-645-6100.

· Automobile Coverage

· Homeowners Insurance

· Tenant Homeowners Insurance

· Condominium and Cooperative Insurance

· Watercraft Insurance

· Personal Excess Liability

· Personal Directors' and Officers' Liability

Automobile Coverage
Millions of auto accidents occur each year and one of the unfortunate results can be inadequate insurance coverage. Your assets, your family and your financial future are all at risk when the policy you buy doesn't provide the protection you need.

HUB International Personal Insurance offers a full range of solutions for all of your automobiles, including antique, collector and recreational vehicles, as well as motorcycles and motor homes. HUB specialists understand the risks you face on the road each day.

We work with you to ensure that you have appropriate protection in these important areas:

· Liability Limits

· Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

· Agreed Value Coverage

· Replacement Vehicle Coverage

· Rental Car Coverage

· Worldwide liability Coverage

· Electronic Equipment

· Full Glass Coverage

· Towing & Labor

You'll find that our commitment to you continues throughout the life of your coverage. HUB's account specialists are skilled in managing all of our service needs including changes to your policies, claims and coverage inquires.

Contact a HUB Advisor to find out how to properly protect you and your automobiles.

Homeowner Insurance
Whether it is hand-carved woodwork, custom moldings, solid oak multi-panel doors, antique lighting fixtures or stained glass windows, whatever makes your home unique, HUB International can help you insure it. When you have spent a lot of time and effort finding just the right place to live, you need to make sure your investment is protected by choosing insurance coverage that is right for you.

Issues a HUB advisor will help you consider: Reconstruction value of your home
Extended Replacement Cost coverage can ensure that your home will be rebuilt to the same standards as the original construction. This includes quality of materials and craftsmanship. Your house should not only look the same after a covered loss, but, as closely as possible, be the same.

Personal property coverage
Replacement Cost Coverage ensures that your personal property will be replaced after a covered loss,without deductions for depreciation. You should also have "all risks" coverage for your personal property, so that your belongings are covered for a wider array of perils than most standard policies allow. You should list expensive items, such as jewelry or fine art, separately.

Personal liability insurance
Personal liability is a part of your homeowners policy, and it is important to choose the appropriate coverage limit. In today's litigious environment, you want to be sure that your assets are protected in the event of a lawsuit.

Coverage for fences, pools, barns, and other structures
Most homeowner policies include only a minimum coverage amount for damage to fences, pools, detached garages and other structures that are not attached to the main house. Are you sure you have enough coverage to fully replace these items?

Flood and earthquake insurance
Most homeowners policies do not cover flood or earthquake damage. You should consider whether you need protection against those losses.

Older Home Coverage
Certain coverage features do not come standard with all insurance policies. That's why it's important to work with a specialist who understands the intricacies of insuring older homes. At HUB International, we offer insurance options designed exclusively for old homes including:

· Guaranteed replacement cost coverage: Coverage of the full cost of restoring your home to its original quality, even if that value exceeds the coverage amount on your homeowner policy.

· Ordinance or law coverage: Coverage for the cost of bringing your home up to code in the event of a partial or total loss.

· Assistance in determining replacement value: A simple "room estimator" does not begin to account for the unique features in older homes. Your HUB specialist can help you determine your home's true replacement needs.

Contact a HUB Advisor to find out how to properly protect you and your home.

Tenant Homeowners Insurance
As a tenant, have you considered what would happen if your personal property was lost or stolen? Unless you've purchased a Tenant Homeowner Policy, also known as a Renter's Policy, you could incur considerable expense to replace stolen or damaged furniture, clothing, jewelry, computer equipment and other personal property.

A specialist from HUB International Personal Insurance can help you obtain the Tenant Homeowner Insurance that best meets your needs. We'll help you objectively assess your potential risks and select coverage thats right for you. Some important coverage options include:

Personal Liability Coverage: This important coverage protects you if you are sued for causing accidental bodily injury or damage to the property of others.

Theft Coverage: If your valuables are stolen, this coverage provides protection.

Replacement Cost Coverage: In the event of a loss to your personal property, replacement cost coverage safeguards you against depreciation and pays for you fully to replace the item.

Cash Settlement Option*: If a covered loss occurs to your personal property, you can choose to receive a cash settlement, with no requirement to repair or replace the item.

Water Backup Option*: This coverage provides protection for damages caused by water backup through sewers and drains.

*May not be available in some states or from some insurers.

Contact a HUB Advisor today.

Condominium and Cooperative Insurance

The only thing worse than being under-insured is not knowing you are. If you or prior owners made permanent upgrades to your condo, such as wall coverings, cabinetry, bookcases, flooring or renovations to a kitchen or bathroom, they may or may not be covered by your building association's policy.

HUB International specialists can help you get the right amount of coverage for permanent "additions and alterations" and avoid costly surprises at the time of a loss.

Lawsuits affecting condo owners are common and costly. Whether you accidentally cause water damage to a neighbor's unit or someone slips and falls in your condo, you could be faced with a lawsuit. That's why it is important to work with an insurance specialist like HUB International, who can help you get the right amount of liability coverage.


Here are some other coverages to consider in terms of your condo or co-op:

LOSS ASSESSMENT: There are times when the association insurance policy is not sufficient to cover the total damage to the building or a lawsuit against the association. In that case, each of the unit owners will be assessed to cover the difference. Loss assessment coverage pays for the unit owner's share.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: This protects your contents (furniture, clothing, electronic equipment, etc.) against loss. We ensure that your policy is extended to include losses both on and off premises.

VALUABLE ARTICLES COVERAGE: The homeowner policy provides a limited amount of coverage for your jewelry, furs, silver, etc. You can further protect your valuables by adding a rider to your policy.

LIABILITY: Comprehensive Personal Liability protects you and your family if you are sued. This coverage provides protection both on and off premises.

Contact a HUB Advisor today.

Valuable Articles Insurance

Many people mistakenly rely on their homeowner insurance to protect their treasured possessions such as fine art, collectibles and jewelry. The fact is that, homeowner policies have limitations on coverage for valuable items.

HUB International Personal Insurance specializes in insuring valuables. We understand the importance of protecting your most treasured possessions. Our personal insurance specialists carefully consider your potential risks and design comprehensive coverage programs. We provide you with a level of financial protection and personalized service not available from others.


· Blanket coverage for pairs, sets and collections of smaller items

· Itemized coverage that individually lists, describes and insures each item

· Worldwide coverage

· Protection for breakage of fragile items

· Newly acquired items coverage

· Replacement cost protection

You'll find that our commitment to you continues throughout the life of your coverage. HUB's account managers are skilled in managing all of your service needs, including changes to your policies, claims and coverage inquiries. HUB Personal Insurance is dedicated to serving clients like you who understand the importance of building your assets—and protecting them, too.

Contact a HUB Advisor today.

Watercraft Insurance

When you have spent a lot of time and effort finding just the right watercraft, you need to make sure your investment is protected by choosing the right insurance.

Issues that matter most to boat owners:

· Insurance for the full value of your boat in the event of total loss

· "New for Old" coverage in the event of a partial loss: settlement without depreciation

· All Risks Coverage, with the fewest exclusions possible

· Broad navigational limits

· Liability coverage when using someone else's boat

· Flexibility for special coverages such as Skippered Charterering

· Knowledgeable, prompt, quality service and support from your insurance broker

Watercraft policies typically cover:

· All Risks coverage for the hull & machinery, rigging, tender, outboards, and personal effects

· Liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage to third parties

· Volunteer medical payment coverage

· Sailboat racing

Specialty coverages typically available:

· Paid crew and captain

· Extended cavigation limits for offshore passages and cruising

· Business use

· High performance boats

· Live-aboard


Contact a HUB Advisor today.

Personal Excess Liability

Protecting Your Financial Future

Most people spend a lifetime building a secure financial future. But just one lawsuit can change everything. Without adequate personal access liability coverage, your assets are at risk.

HUB International Personal Insurance specializes in personal excess liability insurance and understands the importance of this coverage in your insurance portfolio.

Our specialists carefully consider your potential risks and design comprehensive coverage programs. HUB advisors can provide you with a level of financial protection and personalized service not available from many other brokers.


· A man trips and falls on a paving stone, suffering a knee injury and chronic pain. He sues the homeowner for $2.5 million.

· An automobile accident results in injuries that render an18-year old a quadriplegic. The award settlement is $2,980,000.

· Victims of identity theft spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to clear their names.


Personal excess liability coverage protects individuals from a covered claim brought against them for bodily injury, personal injury or property damage. It is an important layer of protection that prevents an individual from incurring a devastating financial loss in the event of a legal settlement against them

The most common question individuals ask is "how much coverage do I need?" The amount of excess liability coverage you choose should be based upon your potential risks, the legal environment, physical assets and your personal net worth. Contact a HUB advisor for more information.

Contact a HUB Advisor today.

Personal Directors' and Officers' Liability

Recent corporate scandals and regulatory changes brought on by Sarbanes-Oxley have led to a decline in boardroom talent as directors and prospective directors have become increasingly concerned about potential liability.

Personal D&O helps protect the personal assets of directors and officers, even in the event that traditional D&O coverage is denied, unavailable or rescinded due to criminal or fraudulent activities. Personal policies have become increasingly important as traditional D&O coverage has become more difficult to secure, more expensive and includes more restrictions on coverage.

A recent study of 908 board members by Korn/Ferry International and Corporate Board Member showed that:

· Almost half of those surveyed were concerned about their D&O coverage

· 49% said D&O insurance was a very important factor in their decision to join a board

· 48% said they recently turned down a board position because the risk of being sued was too great

HUB experts can discuss Personal D&O and address some of the current issues surrounding coverage for individual directors and officers, such as:

· Protection of individual assets when sued by shareholders and others, including spousal coverage for those spouses or domestic partners named as co-defendants

· Coverage tailored for the needs of individuals - personal, dedicated limits up to $10 million; no aggregate limits to be shared by all directors/officers or the company

· Customization of policy to cover one or any combination of boards the individuals serves on and the right to choose defense counsel

· In many recent cases of fraud, scandal and bankruptcy, financial losses have exceeded the limits of traditional D&O policies, leaving individuals unprotected

Contact a HUB Advisor today

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