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For Missionaries, Church Volunteers & Tourists

Does your ministry have an outreach program to Mexico? Every month, thousands of missionaries, church members, youth groups and volunteers cross the border into Mexico using a church van, bus or privately owned vehicle. Not having the proper insurance creates more than a financial exposure, but a criminal offense as well.

Compounded by differences in Mexican law, auto accidents and medical emergencies can become a costly and bureaucratic nightmare. Napoleonic Code is the foundation for Mexican law which assumes guilt over innocence. If you are involved in an auto accident it is a felony, regardless if you are at fault or not. Authorities may detain you and impound your vehicle until their investigation can determine who was at fault. Furthermore, you are required to prove your financial responsibility at the scene. This can be in form of cash or an auto insurance policy issued by a recognized Mexican insurance company. Mexican authorities do not recognize US and Canadian Insurance companies.

Mexico's current legal requirement for liability is US$20,000 for property damage and bodily injury combined. When you purchase a policy, we recommend selecting the highest limit of liability coverage available, which is generally $300,000. Always add the optional Legal Assistance (with guaranteed bond), Emergency Medical Assistance and Roadside Assistance. If the insurance company you are working with does not offer these important coverages, find another company.

Many travelers to Mexico are misguided in believing their current US/Canadian policy affords adequate protection. It does not. While some (not all) insurers may offer coverage in Mexico, it is for physical damage to your car only and is restricted to 10 or 25 miles across the border. Coverage for "civil liability" is not provided and even if it were, it would be of no benefit if a Mexican insurance company does not issue the policy.

Mexican auto insurance policies are quite different than what we are accustomed to in the US and Canada. They are usually written on a "named peril" basis, covering only the perils listed, such as collision, fire and total theft. Vandalism and partial theft are almost always excluded and must be purchased and added to the policy. A policy offering optional "all risk" coverage is recommended. Cost of repair is limited to an hourly rate, so it is important to buy "Increased Cost of Repair" coverage so the policy can pay a higher rate per hour than lower Mexican labor rates.

Unique as it is, not understanding how Mexican insurance works can be a real nightmare. For example, if you are towing a trailer and the trailer is not listed on the Mexican auto policy, all coverage is void…even on the vehicle you are driving! So if you cause an accident, not only are you uninsured, but you have just committed a felony and can expect to have the vehicle and trailer impounded while you spend time in jail. If you have an accident while under the influence of alcohol - no coverage - the policy is void.

Selecting a financially strong and reliable Mexican insurance company is imperative. If this all sounds a bit complicated, your best option is to work with a reputable insurance broker who understands how Mexican insurance works and which insurance companies offer the best coverage to protect you and those involved in your ministry. The "buy it at the border" policies may not provide the protection you need and could leave you or your church group stranded in unfamiliar territory, literally.

HUB International has the ability to provide a Mexican Auto Insurance Program that offers all of the optional benefits described, placed with highly recognized and stable Mexican insurers and we've made it simple for you to secure insurance protection online, anytime you need it. We have several insurance programs available where you can get your quote, pay the premium and print your policy right from your computer. Daily, monthly and annual policies are available and you can compare the coverage and cost instantly, making it easy to select the best policy for your needs. From start to finish takes less than 5 minutes.

You, members of your family or congregation can use this service to purchase Mexican Insurance for personal or vacation trips to Mexico as well. You can order in the coverage in advance of your trip.

For more information call 800-645.6100 or click the banner below to get an instant quote.

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